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Mr. Chiardi & Other Stories

From a precocious class of grade school students who launch their increasingly frustrated teacher into space to a Maine coon cat who springs into action to save its owner’s life, this debut collection of short stories will capture your interest, touch your heart, and tickle your imagination.

With a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite, Mr. Chiardi & Other Stories is a quick and entertaining read. Funny and intriguing, the book is the work of a highly imaginative and inventive writer. The stories, written by Rita Buckley (aka Charles Maxwell), are cleverly creative with entirely original plots and colorful characters. Each tale is unique and amusing. Michelle Stanley, in a review from Readers' Favorite, called it a lovely short collection of stories; a book I gladly recommend. Kirkus Reviews said that, "Readers looking for a quick, entertaining menagerie of stories will find this collection humorous and intriguing..."

Mr. Chiardi & Other Stories is the perfect antidote to the the humdrum grind of daily life. The lives of its characters will stay with you long after you put the the book down. Unlike reality, this book is full of happy endings.